Our Team

Led by a management team that aspires do my homework for me essays on topics to set global standards in Nepal and with a strong root in teamwork, TeamQuest has a structure that maximizes decision-making and operations. A culture of collaboration, cooperation, and accountable decision-making, has made the company evolve into a premier establishment that inspires public trust and confidence.


Bhaskar Dhungana

Board of Directors

“At the heart of any enterprise, there is only one person who is the most important, and that is the customer.”


Nakim Uddin

Board of Directors

“Our offer and the value it adds to our customer experience are the elements of our continued success. That is why it is not what we do but why we do it.”


Rajesh Kumar Siddhi

Board of Directors and Chairperson

“Success is the result of a diverse team, an honest evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses and the ability to lead and follow.”


Roshan Adiga

Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

“We are committed to excellence in what we do, and believe in striving ahead with constant improvement and innovations.”


Samir Shrestha

Head of Procurement

“We value our people and believe that our relationship and service to the customers are the ultimate differentiator and the foundation for our success.”


Sushil Kr. Manandhar

Operation Manager

“We believe in measuring our success with the satisfaction of our customers, who have been constantly providing us critical suggestions which has helped us excel in providing optimum services.”


Paras Jain

Manager - IT

“Harmony promotes teamwork, which enables every member of the organization to work more effectively towards a shared goal.”

Our Vision

To provide the highest quality of service and support to our clients and help them achieve their organization goals.

We are a process-and-system-based operation, but flexible enough in taking calculated risks with in-depth understanding of market conditions. We ensure that our work structure and processes lead to positive outcomes. Venturing into newer products continuously leads us to further growth. We invest heavily in technology and communication, and in the people who are at the helm of these teams to ensure transparency and accountability to clients and investors. Moreover, our ideas are not just to aim towards maximum profit, but also to venture towards sustainability with continued efficiency.