About us

TeamQuest Pvt. Ltd. (“TeamQuest” or “TQ”) was established as a start-up in 2001 to cater to the modern projection management needs of Nepal. The company has proven its strength by anticipating entrepreneurial designs, developments and inventions way ahead of their times, since its establishment. As a visionary, the company has revolutionized customer service in Nepal’s movie industry and real estate development. TeamQuest is a proud owner of the brands QFX Cinemas, Fresh Food Supplies and Goji Loyalty. TeamQuest also supports Labim Mall with its management advisory needs. The company has a dynamic team in the pursuit of a common vision of growth and business-portfolio diversification. Modern,inclusive and forward-thinking in nature, the company continues to chart impressive growth by investing primarily in consumer-centric businesses and innovative service delivery.

Our Vision

We are a process-and-system-based operation, but flexible enough in taking calculated risks with in-depth understanding of market conditions. We ensure that our work structure and processes lead to positive outcomes. Venturing into newer products continuously leads us to further growth. We invest heavily in technology and communication, and in the people who are at the helm of these teams to ensure transparency and accountability to clients and investors. Moreover, our ideas are not just to aim towards maximum profit, but also to venture towards sustainability with continued efficiency.
“We provide the highest quality of service and support to our clients and help them achieve their organization goals.”